Star Art Curriculum Art

Students attend ART class once a week for forty-five minutes. Grades first through fourth have ART the full school year while Kindergarten will have ART in the second semester only. During this time, students might bring home a drawing or work from ART class but I usually keep all of their work till the end of the year for the ART SHOW.

In the book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, the author Betty Edwards discusses important developmental drawing stages of children.  She summarizes that “when students enter the third and fourth grades, they try for more detail in their artwork, hoping to achieve greater realism, which is the prized goal. Consequently, they become their own most unrelenting critic. Some ART teachers may resort to craft projects because they seem safer and cause less anguish. As a result, most students do not learn how to draw in the early and middle grades and eventually lose interest in drawing and art.

In your child’s ART class, we will spend a large amount of time in the beginning of the school year learning to draw. Working with basic shapes and putting these shapes together to create forms. We will then cover all the various types of artworks: still life, landscape, seascape, portraits, and three-dimensional. During this discovery, students will be introduced to different techniques of drawing, coloring, and painting.

Art class will offer students the opportunity to not only talk about their own work but also look at and talk about some of the greatest artists and their works of art. This will allow students to better understand how art is created and see how it relates to what we are learning in class. It will also help improve students’ schema, or background knowledge, in art and eventually improve their own creative imagination.