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Mrs. Amy Wehner
The elementary specialist's role is to facilitate literacy in all grades by working with teachers and students. This could take various forms, such as diagnostic testing and direct instruction with students, consulting and/or co-teaching with teachers, providing staff inservice, coordinating literacy volunteers, and participating in Educational Planning Team meetings.

The resource room teacher works with students who are certified to receive special education services. Eligibility is determined by the multidisciplinary educational team and results of diagnostic testing. The resource room is cross categorical and capable of providing academic and emotional support to students in all areas of special education.

The resource room teacher provides students with academic support in the general education environment along with direct instruction to address individual educational goals. The staff evaluates and monitors student progress toward these goals. This involves communicating with classroom teachers, parents, and administrators to assist students with the appropriate accommodations for success in work and social development.


Mrs. Jackie Coleman

Mrs. Marci Miller

The Teacher of the Speech and Language Impaired (TSLI) is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Teacher who tests, diagnoses, plans and provides individual and small group intervention to students with deficits in one or more of the following areas: oral expression, listening comprehension, articulation, fluency (stuttering) or voice. The Speech/Language Teacher may act as a consultant to teachers regarding concerns about student's speech, language and listening skills. Speech-Language support falls under special education and students must have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP)to receive support.