Third Grade Dismissal Procedures

It is our goal to get all students where they belong in a safe and speedy manner.  Any time out-of-the-ordinary arrangements are made for your student, please send a note in their take-home folder indicating the change.  Children will only be released to those on their pink emergency cards!

Parent pick-up:            

Students will be dismissed out of the front doors.  Vehicle pick-up is in the parent parking lot.  Staff on duty will facilitate dismissal so your student can get safely to your car.  You may park and wait outside the front doors if you wish. 

Bus rider:                       

If your child rides a bus, please discuss with them proper bus behavior and make sure they know the name of their AM and PM bus.  Students have a bus tag attached to their backpack to identify their bus.   Adult/teacher supervision is provided to facilitate the loading of each bus.

Thank you for your support and understanding!