Important Information

  • Take home folders are VERY IMPORTANT!! Since regular homework is a part of our curriculum the children will need guidance organizing their belongings and their time.  Please go through the folders with your child each night and have them put the folder in their backpack with all homework, as soon as it is finished.  These folders MUST accompany your child to and from school every day.  I check the folders daily, so if you need to send in a note please place it in the return to school side of the folder. Some children like to pack quickly at the end of the school day.  (Some of the papers don't always make it in the folder and sometimes are just stuffed into their backpack.  If you are noticing this behavior, please address it with your child and help them become more organized.  We will be practicing this step by step at school.  Lots of encouragement will help.)
  • Water bottles are encouraged.  Please make sure the water bottle is clean and has a NO SPILL TOP.  Children may only bring water, no juice or flavored water is allowed in class.
  • Please help your child to LABEL EVERYTHING that he or she brings to school with their first name and last initial.  That includes jackets, bags, folders, envelopes, lunch boxes, snacks and lunch money envelopes.
  • Each morning we will have snack time around 10:30.  Most of the children are in need of snack by 10:30 and are already asking when lunch is!  Since our snack is a "working snack" children should be able to open their snack without help.  Please make sure the snack is a healthy one: vegetables, fruit, cheese, yogurt and crackers are good options.  If your child requires a spoon or fork, please provide one and a napkin would also be a nice addition.  Snacks should be packaged separate from the child's lunch.
  • The class has physical education on Friday.  Proper dress is required so please help your child to dress accordingly.
  • Don't hesitate to write me a note if you have any questions or concerns about your child's school experience.  I check the homework folders daily, so that's the best place for any written communication.  Our open communication is essential to your child's education.  I can also receive messages by email at
  • We collect Box Tops for Education that you can find on many of your grocery products!  Please take a minute to cut out the coupon to send into school.  We have contests throughout the year to see which class can collect the most Box Tops!
Thank you for taking the time to read this important information.  I am looking forward to an extraordinary year with you and your child.