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Practice the facts--Addition and Subtraction
Have some fun practicing your Math facts.
Sum Sense
Beat the clock on this one!
Subtraction Sum Sense
Beat the clock again using Subtraction.
Time for Time
Practice telling elapsed time.
Fishy Twos
Have fun counting fish by twos.
Counting Money
Can you count the coins?
Spending Spree
Do you have enough money?
Math Mastery
Are you ready to take the challenge?
Telling Time
Stop the Clock
Odd or Even
Use a Venn Diagram
Least to Greatest
Drag and Drop the answers.
What is the Next Shape?
What is the next shape in the pattern?
Can you read a graph?
Read Graphs
What comes next?
Count Us In
Go bowling!
Doodle Dots
Connect the Dots
Simple Subtraction
Give it a try!
Cross the River
Use fractions to help the man cross the river.
Addition machine
Practice adding.
Fraction Flags
Paint one half of a flag.
Splat Square
Paint the 100 grid.
Math Fact Practice
You can set this for addition or subtraction, timed or untimed. Use it to increase your speed. Be a Math brainiac!!
If you love to play with shapes, you'll love this one.
Five times tables
Practice 5 times tables.
Two Times Tables
Quiz your self!
Batter's Up!
Baseball Math from Mr. Smith's site.
Funbrain Math
Play some Math games.
Fraction Fun
Find the amount eaten and enter the fraction.
Math Fact Cafe
Practice Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication facts. Click "Fill-In" to check your answers on the computer or click "Problem" to print out fact sheets. Please go to the third grade link to get specific multiplication facts. Fourth grade link even has 2- and 3-digit addition/subtraction that we have been working on!!!!!!!
ABCya Addition
This game is easy. Click on the right answer.
Sum Sense
Drag and drop the number cards to make "sum sense."
Saxon Math
Learn more after (or before) our lessons in class.
Math Activities
Find the objective with which you need extra practice and play a game on the internet. Or create your own worksheet.
Probability can record the results too!
Online Manipulatives
Funschool Kaboose
Really cool games for kids.
Fun Brain
Teaching Clock
Timed basic fact practice
Tally Charts and Pie Graphs
Bar Graph Creator
Mode, Median, Mean
Interpreting Data
Math Cats Story Problems
Measurement Game
Virtual Ruler
Addition MATHO
Subtraction Machine
Addition Machine
Mr. Maffesoli
Homelinks copies
Copies of all second grade homelinks.
Virtual Manipulatives and Games
This site provides on-line manipulatives to help students with homework or math practice.
A+ Math
AAA Math
Math Dictionary
A dictionary for kids in grades K-6 on unfamiliar math terms!
Math Mastery
Are you ready to take the challenge?

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