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Temperature Converter
Learn how to change Fahrenheit to Celsius.
Energy Inventors
Inventors who understand how energy works!
Energy Basics
Find out what energy is, where it comes from and how we use it.
Fun and Games
Puzzles, games and projects.
Energy and the Environment
You can help protect the earth.
Energy Quest Room
Lots of things going on in this room. Check it out!
Gases, Liquids and Solids
Drag each thing to the correct category. You can do this!
Stuck on Junk!
What junk can the magnet move?
Make jewelry with gems.
Keeping Warm
Teeth and Eating
REad about volcanoes.
Make a Volcano
Make your own virtual volcano. This is really interesting. Get a grownup to watch with you!
Build a Dinosaur
Have fun building a dinosaur.
Dinosaurs Tour on the Magic School Bus
Hop aboard for a tour.
National Museum of Natural History -- Smithsonian
Take a virtual tour of the dinosaurs.
Pictures for Learning
Pictures of animals
Animal Classes
Easy to understand.
Where are the Rainforests?
Plants of the Rainforest
Animals of the Rainforest
Interactive Weather Maker
Change the weather by changing the temperature and the humidity.
Bats Bats Everywhere
Learn about bats.
Bat photos
Look at pictures of bats.
Creature Feature
Click here to find information on a variety of animals.
Foss Web
Click on your favorite science unit or follow up on what we are learning in class.
Dinosaur Teeth
Desert Animals and Wildlife
Information on Deserts.
Animals of the Rainforest
Lots to learn about the rainforest.
Habitats and Biomes
Animal information and more.
Geography Action
Excellent site for online habitat adventures.
Habitats and Biomes
Where are these habitats on the map?
Habitats and Landform
Research and information sites.
Learn about grasslands.
Grassland Animal Printouts
Learn about the animals of the grasslands.
Vegetation, climate, animals
Desert Biomes
Plants, animals and climate
Desert Animal Printouts
Desert animals
The Tundra Biome
Characteristics of the tundra.
Tundra 5
Animals, climate, vegetation,location.
Temperate Oceans
Ocean topics.
The Ocean Biome
Climate, plants, animals, interesting facts.
The rainforest
Rainforest topics.
Rainforest at night
Visit a virtual rainforest at night.
Rain forest
Research sites for rainforest.
Get this bug off of me!
All about bugs!
Meet some spiders.
Endangered Species
Fact sheets for over 50 species from all the continents
Endangered Species
Read about endangered species.
Read about mammals.
Great website on animals.
Smithsonian National Zoological Park Aminals
Smithsonian National Zoological Park Links to animals
Nathinal Zoo for kids Animal Puzzles
Nathinal Zoo for kids. Animal Puzzles
Yahooligans! Animals
Growing a plant indoors
Science Fun
Enjoy these cute science activities.
Energy fun
Virtual Dinosaur Tour
Science Explorer
Wow, so many really cool science experiments here! Check it out!
Wow! This site also has many cool science experiments to try. Remember to always get help from a parent at home when you try any of these. Let me know how they go!
Dino Viewer
Animal Habitats
A 1st grade class shares what they learned about Habitats, press play to hear and see what they learned!
Dino Directory
Temperature Converter
Learn about Celsius and Fahrenheit conversions.
What's it like where you live?
Good information on habitats.