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President for a Day!
Would you like to be President for a day? Click on to this site to see what it's like.
Harcourt World Atlas
Maps of the world.
Landforms glossary
Learn about landforms and bodies of water
Landforms:Face of the Earth
Pictures of landforms. Very impressive.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy of a Leader
Slide show and speeches.
Time line for Martin Luther King, Jr,
A timeline for Martin Luther King, Jr. designed by children.
Meet Amazing Americans
Good site for biographies of Famous Americans.
Learn About Famous Americans
looking for a Famous American?
The Fifty States--Fact Monster
Maps, facts, trivia, landmarks, games and quizzes.
America's Story
Explore the States.
State Flags
USA and State Flags--quizzes and printouts.
The Besty Ross House
Read all about Besty Ross and the history of the flag. This is a great place to learn more about our flag for Memorial Day.
History of Flag
Read about Francis Hopkinson.
Our Nation's Capital
Read the facts about the District of Columbia. Look at the map of Washington. Click on it. Print this page and answer the questions below the map. Click on the map again to get the answers. Color the map.
Presidents on Money
Find the presidents on your money.
Puzzled States
Do you know where the states are??
Types of Landforms
Easy to understand.
The World
Can you name the continents?
Puzzled States
Learn about all the states in our country, by placing the state in the correct location.
Stately Knowledge
These web pages will help you find out the basic facts of any state in the Union, including Washington, D.C. Need to know the capital of Alabama? Want to know which hockey teams are in California? How about the size of Montana? All that information is here — and more!
Kids Bank
Time for Kids
National Geographic Kids
Find people and places to research.
National Geographic for Kids
World Atlas Maps
Kids Newsroom
Whitehouse Kids
There are many activities here, including math challenge questions and games!
Time For Kids
Time for Kids Website.
United States Geography
Great geography site that lets you find the states and more.
Hall of Presidents
Find the States
See if you can do this USA puzzle. Let Mom or Dad try it first--just for fun!
Stately Knowledge
Facts about each state in the USA.