Word Study

Third graders use a program called Words Their Way which encompasses the study of spelling, phonics, phonemic awareness, grammar and vocabulary.  Word study instruction is essential in your child's literacy development because it helps children foster an understanding of words and how they work, thus assisting your child as he or she explores the areas of reading and writing. .

Some of the key components of Word Study are as follows:

  • Uses a hands-on approach to learning.  Children are actively engaged through word sorting and word building activities.  Brain-based learning supports this type of approach with children.
  • Encourages meaningful talk among students. Children are able to share their thinking with each other as they gain new understandings about words.
  • Promotes inquiry-based learning.  Simply put, this means that students are given opportunities to discover patterns and generalizations about words as opposed to simply learning a new spelling rule.
  • Is strategy-based memory-based.  Instead of asking children to memorize lists of words, children will be learning strategies and patterns that can apply to many words.
  • Asks students to notice similarities and differences in words.  Word sorting is a key component to word study.  Through word sorting, children notice similarities and differences in words.  They may create categories for sorting or sort the words into predetermined categories.  The process of sorting helps young learners discover word patterns.

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