Math Test Study Guides

I send home a study guide several days before each test.  The problems on the study guide closely resemble the problems on the unit test.  Your child will write the date of the test across the top of the guide, so you know which day the test is given. You do not need to return the completed study guide. 

You should look for these guides as we approach the end of each Homelinks booklet.


Mastering Math Facts

            You may want to try the “Fold In” technique if your child is struggling to memorize math facts.  Start with the flashcards  x0, x1, x2 and x5.  Review these for several minutes.  It is important for students to say both the fact and the answer aloud, for example:  “7 x 2. . . 14”.  These first few basic facts should be recalled quickly, and are considered “known” facts. 

 Next, set these “known” facts aside. Introduce just 2 new facts each day.  Again, students should say the fact and answer aloud.  Repeat the 2 new facts many times.  Finally, add the 2 new facts for the day, with the previous “known”cards, (7x0, 7x1, 7x2, 7x5).  Review all of the cards over and over, until this set of cards becomes automatic – no more than a one or two second delay.  (The goal is to build memorization - not counting.)

If your child delays, or calls a wrong answer, you say the fact and the answer aloud.  Have your child repeat the fact and answer once.  Place that card just several cards behind the front card, so it comes up again quickly.   Repeat this process for any delays or mistakes.

Start each day by reviewing the previous day’s cards several times, with no delays or errors.  Set those aside and introduce 2 new facts.   Practice just the 2 new facts many times.  “Fold In” the 2 new facts with the previously learned facts.  Remember, you should tell the fact and answer for any delay longer than two seconds, then have your child repeat it once.   Place that card near the front, so it comes up for review again quickly.  Go through all the cards many times.

Remember to add just two new facts each day for mastery.  We hope your child finds success with the “Fold In” method and quickly becomes our next “Math Facts Master!”  Thanks so much for your support.

Here are some great math sites for parents and students:

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