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Cool Math!   
Mr. Maffesoli
Fun activities for all ages, grades, and subjects!

Perfect for any age or grade
Fun activities for all ages, grades, and subjects!
Every Day Math Games
Math Playground
Timed Multiplication Practice
Fun Math Lessons!
This website has a variety of fun lessons that are almost like games!
Xtra Math
Language Arts
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Comic Maker
Raz Kids
Sign in using your user name to read stories at your level.
Non-fiction articles!!!
Scholastic Book Orders
Please go to this website to place your Scholastic Book Orders. Our class code is GLFMT
Writing Fun!
Read up to date stories and practice answering questions about what you've read.
Wacky Web Tales
Have fun creating some wacky tales, similar to Mad Libs.
Cool sites to visit
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Food Chains & Webs
Enjoy following food chains and food webs!
Fun games to play!
Handwriting Practice Sheets
This site has some great handwriting practice sheets that you can print up and practice your handwriting.
Moby Max
Facts 4 Me
Interesting facts and wonderful pictures about non-fiction topics.
This website allows you to make word searches, crossword puzzles, math squares, mazes and more! Too fun!!