January News


Here are some things we’ve been working on in second grade.


7 Habits of Happy Kids

We began our focus on Habit 3 – Put First Things First: Work First, Then Play.  We talked about how


Character Focus

We will be focusing on courage during the month of January.


Life Skills

We are continuing to work on being good listeners.  We are also working on following CLASS directions.  Students need to follow directions that are given to a group of people.  In the classroom a lot of learning time is wasted when directions need to be repeated to individual students.  This is an important life skill to master. 


Volunteering Opportunity (Friday mornings, 9:30-10:30 a.m.)

We are looking for another parent to come and play word games with students on Friday mornings.  It would be great to have a parent that could come every week, but we are to have parent helpers whenever they can come.  Word games are scheduled from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. on Fridays.  If you are interested in being a Word Games leader, please email me.  sgruenew@livoniapublicschools.org   Thanks!


Important Dates

MLK Holiday (no school): Monday, 1/16/17

Mid-winter Break (no school): Monday, 2/20/17

End of Second Trimester (1/2 day of school): Friday, 3/10/17


Book It!

Thank you for helping your children to remember to complete the reading logs and to bring them to school.

January goal: 400 minutes

Weeks that count toward this goal:  1/9, 1/16, 1/23, and 1/30


Podcasts [Click here for the link.]

Check them out!



Activity with Mrs. Coleman

This week we talked about synonyms.  Synonyms are words that mean almost the same thing other words.  We learned that we can use synonyms to help understand things we read. 

Here’s a strategy we are using to help us better understand something we are reading.  First, we underline words we don’t understand.  Next, we find synonyms for those words.  Then,


Reading [Click here for the link.]

Current unit of study:  Readers Learn from Informational Text

This week we learned:

* We talk with our book clubs about the big ideas in text.

* We compare (talk about what is alike) and contrast (talk about what is different) ideas.


Next unit of study:  Informational Book Clubs



Writing [Click here for the link.]

Current unit of study:  The Power of Reviews

This week we:

*  Learned that we can do research and collect data before we write a review.  We might want to ask others about the thing we are reviewing.  This can give us ideas for things we want to include (talk about) in our review.

* We made a list of things we might want to include in reviews of movie theaters, movies, restaurants, and toys.  Some of the things we talked about and included on our lists were:

** features

** details

** service

** price



Math  [Click here for the link.]

Current Unit: 4 – Place Value and Measurement

This week we:

* Took our unit assessments

* Students did a self-assessment on the day before we began our assessments.  It was sent home that day as an “idea list”.  I explained to the children that a self-assessment can help you decide how to spend your time as you are preparing for assessments. 

* We talked about how you might want to spend 15 minutes of “study time” preparing for assessments.  I suggest that students spend their time on concepts with which they feel less independent or confident. (I.e., The items that they said they would “need help” with on the Self-Assessment.)

* Many children struggle with self-assessment.  They are often quite confident that they understand, can do, and could even teach the concepts.  However, these children sometimes struggle to complete the related questions on assessments. 

* I am in the process of checking the assessments, and plan to send them home in the Weekly Folder next week.

* I would suggest that you hold onto the Self-Assessment so you can talk with your child about it next week when the unit assessments come home.


Next week we’ll start Unit 5 – Addition and Subtraction


Science  [Click here for the link.]

Current focus: Measuring Matters

* We learned about:

** volume (how much you have of something)

** capacity (how much a container will hold)

          ** solids vs. liquids

                   *** slime is sort of a mix between a solid and a liquid



Social Studies [Click here for the link.]

Next focus: How do citizens live together in a community?



Computer lab

We typed poems and worked on finding and using the following keys on the keyboard:

* letters

* space bar

* backspace

* delete


Monthly Homework Calendars [Click here for the link.]

Thank you for helping your child to remember to complete 3 activities each week on the calendar.


Have a wonderful weekend!