Homework provides children with structured opportunities to practice things they are learning in school.  There are three different sources of homework:  the teacher, parents, and the student.  Monthly homework calendars (including past months’ calendars) are a great resources when you are looking for homework ideas. 

Second grade students should spend 20 minutes each day on homework activities.  Note:  this is in addition to reading for 30 minutes.

There are different kinds of teacher-initiated homework assignments.  Some assignments are regular and predicable.  Others focus on specific skills that we are working on at the time. 

Regular and predictable homework assignments include:

Read 30 minutes each night

Monthly homework calendar activities (with an adult) 

  • Links are on the bottom of this page.

Math Home Links

  • Home Links, practice pages done at home, are in important part of the Everyday Mathematics program.  Home Links give students a chance to apply new learning/concepts while they are fresh in their minds.  Home Links should be completed at home and checked with a parent. 

  • Answers to Home Links are provided in each unit’s Family Letter.  They are intended to help parents as they work with their children.  Students should not be referring to answers prior to solving problems.     
  • Math lessons frequently begin with a brief review of the previous day’s Home Link.   Therefore, it is important for students to complete Home Links on the day that they are assigned, and to “check” their answers at home with a parent.   

HW cal Sept 2nd.pdf
HW cal Oct 2nd.pdf
HW cal Nov 2nd.pdf
HW cal Dec 2nd.pdf
HW cal Jan 2nd.pdf
HW cal Feb 2nd.pdf
HW cal Mar 2nd.pdf
HW cal Apr 2nd.pdf
HW cal May 2nd.pdf

HW cal June 2nd.pdf
HW cal July 2nd.pdf
HW cal Aug 2nd.pdf

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