Our current unit:  Getting Started

We will do the following writing units this year:
  • Getting Started
  • Character Study
  • Reader's Learn from Informational Reading
  • Informational Book Clubs
  • Series Reading: Cross-Genre Book Clubs 
  • Traditional Literature:  Fables, Folk Tales, and Fairy Tales
  • Poetry (throughout the year)
Reading includes three parts: decoding (saying the words), fluency (smooth, expressive reading), and comprehension.

Decoding strategies include:
  • Getting your mouth ready
  • Looking for chunks you know (ex. "at")
  • Looking for picture clues
  • Think about the story.  What word would be make sense?
  • Does it look right?
  • Does it sound right?
  • Does it make sense?
Reading comprehension strategies include:
  • Schema and making connections
  • Visualizing/sensory images
  • Questioning/wondering
  • Inferring
  • Determining importance
  • Synthesizing

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