Report Card Information

As you know, I am piloting the new standards-based report card for the area of mathematics.  On this report card, we will be telling you where your child needs help (NYAS-Not Yet Approaching Standard), where they can do many of the 2nd grade standards with minimal help and/or errors (AS-Approaching Standard), and where they are independently doing everything that is expected (MS-Met Standard). 

Other parts of the report card will be communicated differently.  In those areas, they will get 1's, 2's, or 3's, and possibly 4's.  A 1 means they need our help, a 2 means they are making progress with minimal help and/or errors, and a 3 means they have mastered the skill and can complete it independently. A 4 is reserved for if they are demonstrating in-depth knowledge and extended skills.

Please know that writing informative report cards is an extremely difficult task for teachers, and we are changing to a new way of thinking.  You will see your child’s strengths and challenges, but you should also see a lot of growth over the year.  Our goal is that students will master the grade level skills by the end of the school year.  If we continue to work together, and encourage children to approach tasks with a positive attitude, celebrate their achievements (big and small), and always put forth their best effort, they will be fine.  If your expectations are for 4's or A's (which haven't been used in elementary), this will be difficult on the children. 

We want children to be proud of their growth and progress, to know the expectations, and to work towards mastering the grade level skills.  We talk every day about what we are learning, and why the skill or concept is important to us.  We are teaching students that each learning task is important, and that learning tasks build upon each other, and these skills will help them throughout life if they remember to use them.