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March 20, 2017 - Personal Reference Units
Students learned about “personal reference units” today in math.  Personal reference units help us with estimating length.  We compared actual units to parts of our body and decided to use these:

Unit                  Part of the Body

Centimeter                 Width of pinky finger

Inch                           Width of two fingers (index and middle fingers)

Decimeter (10 cm.)     Gentle “stop sign” with hand

Foot                           From elbow to tips of fingers

Yard                           “Dab” (one elbow bent & other arm stretched out)

Meter                         Wingspan (both arms stretched out to the sides)


Students have been asked to show you tonight at home.  I recommend you ask them to “Show me your [unit].”  Be sure to ask about the yard a lot.  That is their favorite one!


Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Gruenewald