Suggested Supply List

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Second Grade - Individual Suggested Supply List 2017-2018

1 set Headphones or earbuds for using with Chromebooks and in the computer lab  (Shopping Tip: Five Below sells headphones for $5)

1 Small pencil box or zipper bag for supplies (to fit inside of desk)

10  small white glue sticks

8-10 #2 pencils, sharpened (non-plastic covering)

1  large block-style eraser

Crayons or colored pencils


2  pads/packages Post-it notes 

3  2-pocket folders with 3 prongs 

2  1-subject spiral notebooks with wide lines (NOT perforated pages, they tear out too easily)

1  1” soft cover, 3-ring binder (available at Dollar Tree stores)


Updated: 7/11/2017