My Homework

*Most nights there will be a Home Link for your child to complete. I send their Home Link books home whenever they have homework. I will write the date at the top of the page your child is suppose to complete. Please return these books DAILY.

*When your child brings home their reading bag, please read the book and review their high frequency words. There is a form for you to sign as well. These should be returned the next day, as we use these books as our "familiar reads" in our guided reading groups.

*Your child will be coming home occasionally with Literacy Bags that include books on a particular theme and a special item that goes along with the theme. There is also a notebook included for your child to complete a quick activity that directly ties in with what we are learning during Readers and Writers Workshop. These bags are sent home on Mondays and are due back anytime during the week but no later than Friday.


*These will come home occasionally with your child throughout the year. These are books that include photos that we have taken throughout the school day. The students then write a brief description of each photo. Please read this book with your child and sign the form that comes with the book. Please return these the NEXT DAY so others can have the opportunity to enjoy the book.

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