Mrs. Younan's Classroom Policies


We will have a designated snack times each day. We are a Nut-Free room! Please do not send in any snacks that contain peanuts or nuts. Please send in hearty and healthy snacks. I give student lots of time to eat their snack! First graders have recess before they eat their lunch (second lunch) so I want to make sure they eat plenty of snack to fill their bellies to last them through recess.


Water Bottles: I encourage water for snack. Children can bring in bottled water as long as it has a “pop top”. This decreases the amount of spills and accidents. Student may refill their bottles at the water fountain at anytime!


Individual birthday snacks are allowed. Please follow the Nut-Free snack list when sending in treats. We currently have 27 students in our class. Always pack a couple extra:) First graders are also welcomed to bring in "goodie bags" for their classmates. This is a great alternate option for your child to bring in to celebrate their birthday!

Literacy Folders 

Booktotes are bags that are used to send home "at level" books that have been used during a guided reading session. There are directions on what to do with the books inside each tote and sometimes special homework. Please sign the Book Log and return the book and tote the next day.


Binders are a wonderful way for students to save and organize their work. Each student has their own binder that they keep in their desk. Inside the binder is three sections: Poetry, Word Study and Writing. Students are responsible for collecting and organizing their finished work into their binders. Students bring their Binders home every 2 weeks (usually Fridays) to share with their families. This is a wonderful way to help celebrate their progress!