A Day in the Life

A day in the life…

  • Morning Procedures & Morning Tubs

  • Morning Meeting: Greet classmates, discuss daily schedule and learning targets, morning stretches

  • Daily 5:

    • Guided reading

    • Word work

    • Read to self

    • Listen to reading (RAZ Kids/books on tablets)

    • Work on writing

  • Snack/Brain Break

  • Writer’s Workshop: Short lesson then writing groups and centers
  • Special (Art, Gym, Music, Library, Social Skills, Computer Lab…)
  • Lunch/Recess

  • Math Centers: Students rotate through math stations including a math lesson and practice, fact practice, games, etc.

  • 2nd Recess

  • Calendar

  • Reader’s Workshop: Read aloud and reading lesson

  • Snack
  • Pack & Stack/Classroom Jobs