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Speaking of Speech
This website requires matching and offers a wide selection of parts of language to work on such as homonyms, irregular plurals, irregular past tense, and various other parts of speech
This game requires the child to select the initial medial and final sounds heard in a given word. It requires quick thinking, and fast clicking!!
Auditory Memory for Older Students
This game is a spin off of the traditional "Memory." It requires you to listen to each card, instead of look at the card.
American Speech Language and Hearing Association
The website for the American Speech Language and Hearing Association
This is a good website for the children to use. It helps to develop phonemic awareness.
Apraxia Kids
This is a good site for parents and therapists of children with apraxia.
Why Do We Talk -- BBC Documentary
This is in interesting documentary about the development of speech and language.
Super Duper Handy Handouts
Comprehensive, easy to understand information about various topics in speech and language pathology.
NPR / Education
Home Speech Home
Ideas and resources in the area of speech language pathology