Speech and Language News

I am happy to be back at Cass this year. I will soon be getting reaquainted with some of my students from last year and getting to know new students. I will send homework with kids working on speech sounds in a few weeks. Daily practice is very important. For students working in other communication areas, homework is less frequent. Reading and talking with your child everyday are excellent ways to help build language and communicatin skills at home.

Prize Box

Another big thank you to those of you who generously sent in prizes for our prize box. As you know, I am keeping sticker charts for students this year. They earn stickers for working hard when they are with me, and for other things such as returning homework. Twenty stickers earns a trip to the prize box. I am going to keep it stocked mainly with small toys or school supplies valued at a dollar or less. It makes it fun for the kids, and I want them to see Speech time as a positive time at school. 

Cass School Motto...

We care, learn and grow together. 

Our Mission

The Cass Staff, with the support of the community, will educate all children so they grow in their academic thinking and social skills in a safe and positive environment.